We deploy a wide range of different CCTV systems that are proven to protect your property from theft & intrusion.

Burglar Alarms BerkshireCost effective CCTV systems
Burglar Alarms Berkshire24/7 monitoring with police response
Burglar Alarms BerkshireInstalled to the highest NSI Gold standards
Burglar Alarms BerkshireInstalls, repairs & upgrades

Working with leading CCTV manufacturers to ensure we have the widest range for clients to choose from

Our reliable and state-of-the-art CCTV systems capture footage in stunning high definition.

We work closely with industry manufacturers to provide clients with the latest and greatest in CCTV technology. For more information about our CCTV services, please get in touch with us today.

Capture, record
and rewind your footage

Our CCTV systems give you the ability to capture footage as well as rewind footage should you need to. Working across the Berkshire area our engineers can provide you with a CCTV system that can be remotely viewed via a smartphone or tablet.

what are the benefits of a intruder alarm?


Keep a watchful eye over
your premises

CCTV gives you the ability to keep an
eye over your building 24 hours a day.


Remotely view your footage
from your phone

Our CCTV systems can be accessed via
a smartphone or tablet.


Deters criminals away
from your property

The presence of CCTV can stop a
criminal in their tracks.


Keep an eye on your staff

CCTV gives you the ability to keep
an eye on your staff when your not there.


Keep an eye on stock and
business assets

Concerned about loss of business
assets? CCTV can keep an eye on it.


Peace of mind that you
are safe and secure

With CCTV in place it gives you the peace of mind you are safe & secure.

See our CCTV in action

CCTV has never been more widely available, and the choice from the DIY and professional markets is enormous. 

The information and technical jargon relating to modern digital CCTV systems whilst available to all via the web, and from installers, does not really make the customer's choice or decision process easy.

The three clips below are footage taken from CCTV systems we have installed. Whilst relatively amusing when taken at face value, the point is one of clarity and detail of picture so that should evidence be required the quality of footage and identification cannot be disputed.


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