Metal Gates

The term Wrought iron is often used when actually talking about mild steel. Nearly all metal gates manufactured today use mild steel. Wrought iron today generally refers to old and usually very ornate gates, using wrought iron or repairing existing wrought iron gates is a skilled profession. It is always recommended to use specialist blacksmiths who have extensive knowledge in using wrought iron.

Mild steel is a material that enables some very creative designs, traditional and contemporary. Simple to maintain, a well made gate will resist the elements very well and should last for many many years with minimal maintenance. The designs and styles of metal gates are endless, we have a selection here to assist you in your choice. Like timber, steel gates are individually made so please feel free to be as creative as you wish.

Any type of gate can be an important security asset both visually and physically. Security to your property will be greatly enhanced behind a set of well installed gates.

Whilst metal gates will last a very long time, they are not really maintenance free. It is not uncommon for rust to make an appearance somewhere on a set of metal gates, this is normally superficial and has no real impact on the integrity of the gate. A simple clean of the area and application of paint like hammerite will cure the problem.

We know there are “off the shelf” cheaper gates out there, and the Internet is great source of information for these. Please be aware that some of these will use inferior steel, have inferior welds, will not be galvanised and will not last. Whilst you will undoubtedly save money initially, you will pay in the long run.

All steel gates should ideally be hot dipped in molten zinc metal (Hot Dipped Galvanised) as this gives the best protection against corrosion. Money can be saved by having the gates spray galvanised, this is effective and cheaper, just not as good.
The finish of your gates can be either powder coated (preferred) or normal paint sprayed, again the latter is cheaper but does not last as long or look as good.