Gate Mechanisms

The mechanics of automated gates vary according to the situation and type of gate, you may have a preference yourself, which is absolutely fine. We are more than happy to install automation of your choice providing it is suitable. We are here to advise.

Simplistically a persons choice of automation tends to come down to aesthetics, this is fine but may not necessarily be the right choice.

Underground motors are aesthetically pleasing, but not suitable in areas with a high water table. They are also harder to switch to manual in the event of a breakdown or power failure.

Sliding mechanisms are also fairly unobtrusive, very reliable but rely on plenty of clearance to one or both sides of a drive.

Above ground automation comes down to articulated arms or RAMS, both are very good at what they do, but have a visible profile.

If you are not worried by aesthetics we would nearly always recommend above ground mechanisms, they are cheaper, easier to install, easier to switch to manual and very reliable. RAMS are suitable for close-boarded gates, in this instance they are only visible from inside.

INDEX Gates can be fully integrated into INDEX Security’s monitoring and access control systems, including intercoms, keypads and proximity readers.

Articulated Arm

Cantilever Gate



Underground Motor